Two further illustrated talks on Sunday covering:

• Dinosaurs and Biblical History
   Listen/Download MP3 file (58 mins):

• Human origins
   Listen/Download MP3 file (46 mins):
Creation/Evolution Seminar
A thought provoking weekend(r)on the theme of origins with(r)guest speaker Paul Garner of (r)Biblical Creation Ministries:

Three main illustrated talks on Saturday covering:(r)
• Is evolution true? (Biology & genetics)
    A talk exploring natural selection, variation (r)    and mutation in living systems
     Listen/Download MP3 file (65 mins): 

• The fossil record (Geology & palaeontology)
    A talk exploring the fossil record for evidence(r)    of long ages or catastrophe
     Listen/Download MP3 file (60 mins):

• Voyage to the planets (Astronomy)
    A talk exploring the evidence of the solar (r)    system for clues about origins
     Listen/Download MP3 file (53 mins):
Some recent special events
Paul Taylor from Answers in Genesis
Creation vs Evolution Weekend
Saturday March 25th - Sunday March 26th 2006 

On this weekend we hosted a seminar on the creation vs evolution debate. The speaker was Paul Taylor, from Answers in Genesis, a ministry that has challenged the Church in recent years to recognise that Genesis is the foundation for the Bible and the faith. 

The event went well with almost 70 people attending. (r)If you missed it, we hope to do more in the future. (r)You can listen to or download some of the talks here (r)or email us for a recording on audio
2006 “Creation vs Evolution”  What are the issues?
Listen/Download MP3 file (58 mins/13.2Mb):

“Just six days” Literal, Biblical or fanciful?
Listen/Download MP3 file (60 mins/13.8Mb):
Ladies Christmas Occasion, 2015

Join us for a special occasion being hosted by our Ladies Care2Share fellowship group as we reflect on the love of God this Christmastime. Guest speaker: Hannah Atkinson.

When:  Saturday December 12th 2015, 11am – 1.30pm
Where: Oxlease House, Travellers Lane, Hatfield AL10 8TJ

Bring and share buffet table with seasonal refreshments.

Further details here, or contact Marjorie on: 01707 884534Events_files/A5%20Ladies%20Programme%202015.pdfshapeimage_9_link_0
“In this the love of God was manifested towards us, (r)that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him.” 1John 4:9 Marking 30 Years of Ministry

    On Sunday January 29th 2017 Evangelical Baptist Church celebrated 30 years of ministry in Hatfield with a special service and lunch together around the theme ‘God is faithful’. (r)
    The congregation were joined by friends and neighbours to a service to mark the day with one of the founding pastors Ken Houghten and his wife Dawn. 
	Pastor Ken was the guest speaker and gave a brief history of how he and his wife, with co-workers Doug and Debbie Rowland, felt led by the Lord to begin a Bible study group in their home in 1986. 
	In early 1987 services began, temporarily meeting in their home, until around April when they were able to meet in the afternoon at a local Methodist Church. Later on the church moved to a morning meeting at another venue and in summer 2000 to their current meeting place in Oxlease House, a community centre.
	Although the church does not have its own premises, Pastor Ken thanked the congregation for their recent contribution to help the Evangelical Church at Kirby-le-Soken raise funds to purchase their own building. This is where Ken is currently the minister. Both churches are members of the FIEC. 	Pastor Ken spoke on 1Corinthians 1:2-9 where the Apostle Paul thanked God for the gathering of believers in Christ who formed the church at Corinth, and drew out the characteristics for all the church of God, called to be saints, in every time and place. He commended the church family to God, and encouraged the current pastor and his wife Murray & Marjorie Gifkins, to continue faithfully in the work, as they have since 1996.
	In fact there were further celebrations all round, as the occasion also included a baby dedication for Rebecca who marked her first birthday, plus the birthday of another member of the congregation. So, after a hearty lunch, reflecting the international nature of the congregation, those who felt able to could enjoy a slice of 3 cakes! 
	But most importantly, we are thankful for all that God has done in our midst over the years, and look forward to God’s grace at work in the future. Ken & Dawn with a long-standing church member from the 1980’s.

You can listen again to Pastor Ken’s talk here: