This is the web site for Evangelical Baptist Church, Hatfield.

We are an independent baptist church and affiliated with the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches). We have held meetings in Hatfield since 1987, having met in different locations in the past, and formally constituted as a church in 1991. We always have a good mix of families with children, single adults, teenagers, students and elderly. We have never been a large congregation (so far), but that doesn't mean we haven't seen God at work in us and through us. We believe that God's Word has answers to man's deepest needs and so we give attention to Bible teaching in all our regular meetings and activities.
Please feel welcome to visit with us one Sunday, and consider making EBC your church home while living or studying in Hatfield.
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About us
What is an Evangelical?

What an evangelical is, has become a rather confusing subject in recent days, but simply put, Evangelical means we preach the "Good News" or the "Gospel."
At the heart of our ministry is the desire to preach, teach and live by the truth of God's Gospel - the Good News. This message of Good News is the historic and vital message which God intends all people everywhere to hear. This Good News is about God's Son, Jesus Christ, who came into this world as a man, was crucified, died and rose again from the dead in order to deliver sinful people like us from the consequences of our sin.
Can you believe that? Someone HAS come back from the dead, and(r)the power He has to do that is still transforming people's lives today !!
As a result, if we turn from our sin and trust in Christ who died and rose again for us, the Bible says we can be saved. As a gathering of people, we have experienced this change - being born again - and have come to know peace with God, through the gift of God's grace.
We are not perfect people, far from it, but we are a people who have been given a fresh start by God and set on a new journey with a heavenly destination, through Christ.
You can have the assurance of this hope too. God wants you to, and so do we. (r)So, what’s preventing you from discovering the good news for yourself?(r)(r)Have you come to the crossroads yet?
What is a Baptist Church?

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