igNite welcomes youngsters aged 8 and older. (r)We have two main activities under the ‘igNite’ umbrella:(r)(r)A Saturday evening youth group for all, meeting at Oxlease House(r)mainly between 6-8pm and on alternate Saturdays every month. (r)There is a small subscription of £1 per person, or as advertised.(r)In summer, we often use a nearby park for a venue....
Depending on what’s happening, igNite’s can include:
	•	Free time for Snooker/Table-Tennis/Football table games
	•	Softball footy or unihoc game
	•	A creative art or craft activity of various kinds
	•	Quizzes or Team challenges
	•	Games or Board Games nights
	•	Short films or maybe a Wii game challenge.
	•	Normally a short devotional from the Bible around a theme
	•	Refreshments & Tuck Shop (bring 50p)
	•	For further/specific details, see below...
Youth group
igNite is our youth group for youngsters aged 8 and into teenage. igNite dates for Autumn 2018:
Saturday September 29th      ‘Grid’ Games !(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
Saturday October 13th          Record Breakers!!(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
Saturday October 27th          Can you ‘Pong!’ ??!!(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
                      HALF-TERM BREAK
Saturday Nov. 10th     Wide Game: Bring coat & torch(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
Saturday Nov. 24th     Board Games(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
Saturday Dec. 8th       Let it Snow ?!!(r)   6-8pm at Oxlease House, cost £1.
                     CHRISTMAS BREAK
Monday Jan 26th 2019       Likely restart(r)   Arrangements tbc
We also connect with 'Youth Squashes' from time to time.(r)These meet most months, where we get together with (r)some other local church youth groups. They are usually out (r)of town and the content is aimed at teenagers. We usually (r)meet at the hall and travel in 1 or 2 cars... more details
2018 igNite+ Evenings for Teens/Secondary:

Saturday Sept. 27th, igNite+ Youth Squash(r)    Meet 6.45pm at Oxlease House for 7.30pm (r)    @ ARCC Hemel, cost £1. Home about 10pm.
Saturday Oct. 20th, igNite+ Squash Quiz Nite(r)    Meet 6.30pm at Oxlease House for 7.30pm (r)    @ Chesham, cost £1. Home about 10pm.
                    New Year 2019  

Saturday Jan. 19th, igNite+ Youth Squash
    Meet 6.30pm at Oxlease House for 7.30pm 
    @ Tring, cost £1. Home about 10pm.

Youth Squash Camp Weekend   

February 8-10th 2019 
    Venue, Costs TBC, for previous See linkhttp://www.youthsquash.org.uk/events.phphttp://www.youthsquash.org.uk/camp.phpshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Download 2018(r)Flyer (PDF)