In a troubled world, there's rarely much good news(r)about, and what good news there is, may not relate(r)to you. That's why we want to tell you the message(r)that God specifically has for YOU.

It's a message of good news for all people, everywhere. We hope that your journey to find God's promises begin here, because God wants to give you a fresh start in life, and we do too. 
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Last updated: 18 Mar 2020
Is there hope         (r)for Hatfield?
Reflecting on (r)the Hatfield (r)regeneration planArticles/68BFF76D-1429-46C4-9717-88A205BE73B6.htmlArticles/68BFF76D-1429-46C4-9717-88A205BE73B6.htmlshapeimage_4_link_1
Regular Sunday Services: (r)    Are held at Oxlease House, on Travellers Lane, (r)    Hatfield, AL10 8TJ  (Next to the Leisure Centre)
Youth Church/Sunday School: (r)    Sundays 9.50am-10.50am, with music, activities (r)    and teaching for youngsters aged 4-18
Morning Worship Service: (r)    Sundays at 11am-12.30pm(r)    Cr(r)che normally available for the little ones
Sunday Evening Services: (r)    and weekly Home Group take place as announced
Please note that due to the present corona virus situation the premises we use to meet in are now closed. (r)
We will update this page to advise when services resume. (r)
We hope to post some links to follow on the EBC Facebook page over the period of closure. Please keep in touch that way.