is there hope for Hatfield?
There’s a lot of talk going on about the plans for Hatfield. Few would argue that the town hasn’t already seen many changes in recent years. The new DeHavilland UH campus and the redevelopment of the former BAe site for housing, business and leisure opportunities are beginning to make their mark. The mix and population of Hatfield is changing fast too, (r)but does all this change bring hope for Hatfield?

Of course in economic terms, measured against the decline of earlier years, things are certainly looking up. But not all things can be measured just in terms of economics. The regeneration plan for Hatfield town centre is certainly welcomed by most and arguably long overdue, but will all this bring a better life for the people of Hatfield? For many people, economics is everything. For many, if you have enough money, you can be cushioned from the effects of just about everything. Isn’t it just that dream which funds millions into the national lottery every week? But it is also universally recognised that as people become more materially wealthy, they become less happy. So, should we forget about it?
Well, I like the idea of Hatfield regenerated! Why? Because that very word means more to me than it may do to you. You see, the word regeneration is a word from the Bible. It basically means ‘born again’ or ‘born anew’ and I could think of nothing more needed for the people of Hatfield than being regenerated. I know many people cynically believe that religion is more of the problem than the solution–and, dare I say it–they are partly right. For none of us needs more religion. But what we do need, which we cannot get from big houses, big bank accounts, even an education or opportunity, is true lasting hope and happiness to sustain us through the troubles of this life and into the next. That is not borne of religion but relationship, let me explain.

When Jesus spoke of regeneration, he did so to a rich and important (r)religious leader, named Nicodemus. But even he, with all his privilege (r)and education lacked something absolutely basic. Jesus put his finger (r)right on it. Nicodemus needed to be ‘born again,’ or regenerated. (r)This was pretty hard for Nicodemus to grasp and so he asked how (r)he could enter his mother’s womb and be born a second time. Jesus (r)answer was that this new birth is a spiritual one, from above, by God’s (r)Spirit, making us new, and that without this new birth, no one would (r)ever see or enter the kingdom of God. How was this to come about? (r)By believing in the saving gift that God Himself had sent–His Son. (r)For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that (r)whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

You see, whatever it is that we have, the one thing we do not naturally have is a relationship with God. And since we were made for that very purpose, when we live life without God, we find it hollow, shallow and unsatisfying. The troubles we face– sickness, disease, death, loss, who knows– these things come our way because we are out of step with our Maker. And for all of us, they remind us of our weaknesses, that we might see ourselves as we truly are– empty vessels in need of God’s filling. If you want real hope for your life, and to bring real hope for Hatfield, be a part of a new generation– a regeneration! Your life can be touched and transformed by the power of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, who loved you and gave Himself on the cross for you. He died, was buried and rose again and so can your life be regenerated too, now and forever. All those habits and hang-ups that hold you back can be broken and you can be set free for the new life God always intended. Don’t miss out on God’s great blue print for your life, what a waste that would be. EBC Hatfield is working to bring God’s new life into the lives of people in Hatfield. Want to know more? Why not visit with us one Sunday and browse more of the article on this site here

The story of Nicodemus can be found in John chapter 3. If you are not familiar with the Bible, then the book of John in the New Testament is a good place to start. Email us for a
Hatfield is being regenerated! (or is it?)
The architects impression of Cafe Square and the Crescent, from Queensway.