A Baptist Church follows a number of Biblical principles for its organisation, (r)and this can helpfully be set out (in simple terms) in an acrostic, as follows:
B is for Biblical Authority (r)- The Bible is our rule and we strive to understand and apply it correctly in all our thinking and practice.
A is for the Autonomy of the local church(r)- Which means that we govern ourselves as a church under the headship of Christ. We are not a part of a denomination as such, but enjoy close links with many other like-minded churches both here and around the world.
P is for the Priesthood of all believers(r)- The Bible teaches that all true believers are priests (1Peter 2:5) Priesthood after the Old Testament fashion is fulfilled in the Spirit-filled believer. The High Priesthood is fulfilled in Christ, who is the sole mediator for all (1Timothy 2:5)
T is for Two Church Officers(r)- The pattern for the early church was one of pastors (or elders) and deacons (servants) only in the local assembly, which pattern we follow.
I is for Individual Soul Liberty(r)- God made us as individuals and as such we have both privileges and responsibilities to fulfill under God and our consciences.
S is for Saved Church Membership(r)- Only truly converted people are members of the real body and bride of Christ. It therefore follows that the local church membership is comprised of those who are also truly converted, though of course everyone is welcome to attend.
T is for Two Church Ordinances(r)- Christ gave two ordinances for the church to remember and portray His wonderful work. They are Believer's Baptism by immersion and the Lord's Supper (sometimes known as communion.)
S is for Separation of Church and State(r)- The Bible recognises the authority of the state in civil affairs and the church in spiritual affairs. Most of the time these two powers exist well together, but are best kept separated.

This sets out the distinctives of a Baptist church in a little way, at least. 
If you would like to know more, just ask!
What is a baptist church?
Baptism by immersion pictures the believers’ union with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. It also signifies cleansing from the old sinful life and being raised to new spiritual life.